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Youth Ministry Update

Our community of young believers at Beit Immanuel is a vibrant and passionate group of youngsters who are living life to the fullest, all to the glory of God. They are constantly seeking ways to impact the youth of our communities through their testimonies, by shining the light of Jesus, and  by inviting their unsaved friends to events for young believers.

Our youth group leadership recently decided to organize a fun day out to build unity and greater cohesion among our young believers, and spent a fun-filled day out playing lazer tag. It was a fantastic way for the youngsters to have fun together, while recognizing the value and love that they have in each other as a family in Jesus.

During our recent Purim celebrations some of our youth took the initiative and decided to launch an independent stage production to lift up the name of Jesus during Purim. Some of our teenagers also took it on themselves to get involved with our younger crowd at Beit Immanuel, and started teaching our kids’ church classes. 

In addition, as part of the Gush Dan Youth Group, our young people recently enrolled and completed a weekly study series that focussed on the topic of the ten commandments, how it is expressed in our daily life of faith, and how the Ten Commandments come alive and are fulfilled through the words and life of Jesus. Many hearts were changed and the faith of all those in attendance was strengthened!

In commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day, our youth group took part in the “Living Room Remembrance Program.” During this event a meeting and conversation was organized with the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, who told the moving story of her father’s experience surviving the attrocities of the Holocaust. She was also very interested to hear about our faith from our youth, and what it meant to be a Jewish believer in Jesus.

We were also very blessed to have one of our young ladies, who recently joined our youth group, express her desire to be baptized and to commit her life fully to Jesus. It was a joyful and beautiful occasion that demonstrated the wonder of the newness of life that can only be found in Jesus. 

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