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Beit Immanuel is a community of Messianic Jews and Gentiles bringing healing and restoration for the people of Israel and for the lost sons and daughters of this generation.

We are a family-oriented ministry demonstrating the blessings of our rich heritage as the people of Israel together with our New Covenant commitment to Yeshua and the Spirit-led life. We are a community here to serve the people of our nation.

Beit Immanuel is one of the first congregations of Messianic Jews in modern Israel and we have been privileged to witness and help nurture the steady growth and maturing Messianic believers over the last 50 years in this land. Beit Immanuel is just one example of the many congregations in Israel learning to care for this new generation of Messianic Jews in exciting and demanding times.

We have a number of young men and women serving in the Israeli army, and we are blessed with many young people from the former Soviet Union. The large majority of our members are young families with small children.

We serve our community with Family Ministries, Children’s Shabbat School, Youth Meetings, Single Parent Family Support, Feeding the Poor, Helping Holocaust Survivors, Men’s and Women’s Meetings, Support for soldiers serving in the Israeli army, Community Volunteering and more.

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Beit Immanuel is one of the first Messianic Jewish congregations in Israel. Our community is dedicated to Aliyah (return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel), the restoration of Messianic Jews and Arabs and the proclamation of the Messianic Jewish hope in Yeshua (Jesus).

In the 1820's a British organization associated with the Anglican Church (LJS, today CMJ) came to the Land of Israel to proclaim this message and promote Aliyah. Most of the early workers landed at Jaffa, and in 1844 opened a centre in Jaffa's Old City. These early pioneers were instrumental in helping establish the indigenous community of Messianic Jews and Arabs at Beit Immanuel.

In the second half of the twentieth century, the small community of local believers in Yeshua began to experience somewhat of a revival as young Israeli Jews and Arabs, who had never before even considered Yeshua as their Messiah, began turning to Him for salvation. Over the past 50 years Beit Immanuel congregation has developed leadership now serving Messianic ministries across Israel, planted new Messianic congregations in the Greater Tel Aviv area and continues serving as an important member of the wider Messianic body in Israel and around the world.

For more information on the fascinating story of Beit Immanuel and the Messianic Jews come by for a visit to our museum telling the story of Beit Immanuel and heritage. We welcome thousands of local Israelis and tourists who come Beit Immanuel which is known throughout Israel as "The place where you can learn about Yeshua (Jesus)."

You can also read more about Beit Immanuel's history on The Church's Ministry to the Jewish People (CMJ) website Heritage Center and Museum site.



Aleksey is the Senior Pastor of the Beit Immanuel Congregation.

My wife and I were repatriated to Israel from Yakutiya in the far eastern regions of Siberia. We joined the Beit Immanuel community of Messianic Jews in Jaffa-Tel Aviv in 2000. A few years later, I was fully involved in the ministry, serving as an associate pastor with David Lazarus till 2019, when David retired. We have three children born in Israel. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's in Biblical Studies from Israel College of the Bible and a Doctoral degree in Expository preaching from The Master's Seminary LA.


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Hadassah oversees the family and children's ministry in the congregation and trains the Shabbat School teaching staff for Beit Immanuel's Messianic Jewish Congregation. She also gives seminars for Shabbat School teachers to Messianic teachers around the country. Hadassah has been working with special needs children for over 25 years in the Israeli education system. She has an MA in education and trains teachers, parents and families to work with special needs children.  See more about our Children's Work on our Community Page.


Annu and Hadassah oversee our Care and Counseling services. Annu is a trained counselor with a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling.  Hadassah has been working with special needs children for over 25 years in the Israeli education system. She has an MA in education and family counseling. She also trains teachers, parents and families to work with Autistic children.

Together with our pastoral team, Annu and Hadassah work with widows and single parent families and provide regular support in prayer and counseling to people going through difficult times in life. We also prepare young Messianic couples for marriage, parenting and Bar Mitzvah preparation and other life cycle events.


Our Home Group leaders make up an important part of our community.

At Beit Immanuel Congregation we put an emphasis on strong, secure relationships among the leadership and their families and strive to be examples of unity, grace, and love to the whole congregation, to our neighbors and at our places of work. As Messianic Jews who believe in Yeshua we look to model and teach our people accountability, vulnerability, and gentleness in all of our relationships at home and in our everyday lives. Each of our Home Group leaders gives regular prayer support, encouragement and biblical guidance to the members of Beit Immanuel Congregation serving as pillars of faith in the community. Your prayer and support for them are crucial. Visit our Partner Page to see how you can help.


Dima is a professional animation artist and key youth leader in the Messianic Body in Israel. His wife, Sarah, is a Clinical Research Coordinator in an Oncology Ward in one of Israel's leading hospitals. They raise two kids.

This dynamic couple met and married as a young couple at Beit Immanuel Congregation. Now, they lead our youth ministries with fresh, inspiring, and relevant instruction for our young Messianic Jews aged 13-18. Their investment into the spiritual development of our young people is bearing fruit as most of the young people who grow up in the congregation stay faithful and committed to following Yeshua even through the difficult teenage years. In addition to providing personal Messianic life coaching, this lovely couple regularly gathers the youth in their home for Bible studies and fellowship.

We have also found that giving young people responsibility and getting them involved in helping out with activities in the congregation is very important in their spiritual and faith development.

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