Passionate Worship from Beit Immanuel

When God’s Light Finds You in a Dark Prison Cell

God met Paul on the road to Damascus in spectacular fashion as he struck the Jewish rabbi down in a torrent of blazing light and brought him to a turning point in His life - a turning point that would see Rabbi Saul become Rabbi Paul, the greatest evangelist known to man. Many of us has had similar experiences where God brought us to the end of ourselves, only to be resurrected to newness of life in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel. Pastor Aleksey, senior pastor of Beit Immanuel Messianic Congregation in Tel Aviv-Yafo, met God under similar circumstances. He…

Congregational Life

In addition to our regular congregational meetings at the start of every Sabbath, we also conduct prayer meetings twice a week, home group meetings for fellowship, regular prayer meetings, and joint studies of the word of God on a weekly basis. We’re thankful for all that the Lord has established at Beit Immanuel, and we’re excited about the plans He has in store for us. On our journey of faith as a congregation, there are however, also challenges, and we need your prayers. Please stand with us in prayer for the following areas of need:  -for more people realize the…


As a result of, and as a fruit of our evangelistic excursions, a group of people have been gathered together with a sincere desire to learn more about the Bible and the places they have seen. As such, we have organized additional meetings for them once a month, in which they can study the scriptures together with us and see how the places they visited tie into the Bible.  Many have heard Jesus' parable about the Sower and how not every seed falls on good ground. Please pray with us that the Lord will prepare the soil of the hearts…

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