Beit Immanuel represents a movement dating back to the 1800's dedicated to Aliyah (return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel), the restoration of Messianic Jews and the proclamation of the Messianic Jewish hope in Yeshua (Jesus.)

Following the outbreak of the French Revolution many Christians in Britain, America and Europe sensed the time was approaching when Jesus the Messiah would return. They understood from the Bible that prior to His second coming Israel would return to her Land.

In the 1820's a British organization associated with the Anglican Church (LJS, today CMJ) came to the Land of Israel to proclaim this message and promote Aliyah. Most of the early workers landed at Jaffa, and in 1844 opened a centre in Jaffa's Old City. These early pioneers were instrumental in helping establish the indigenous community of Messianic Jews and Arabs at BeitImmanuel.

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