Beit Immanuel is a community of Messianic Jews and Gentiles bringing healing and restoration for the people of Israel and for the lost sons and daughters of this generation.

We are a family-oriented ministry demonstrating the blessings of our rich heritage as the people of Israel together with our New Covenant commitment to Yeshua and the Spirit-led life. We are a community here to serve the people of our nation.

Beit Immanuel is one of the first congregations of Messianic Jews in modern Israel and we have been privileged to witness and help nurture the steady growth and maturing Messianic believers over the last 50 years in this land. Beit Immanuel is just one example of the many congregations in Israel learning to care for this new generation of Messianic Jews in exciting and demanding times.

We have a number of young men and women serving in the Israeli army, and we are blessed with many young people from the former Soviet Union. The large majority of our members are young families with small children.

We serve our community with Family Ministries, Children’s Shabbat School, Youth Meetings, Single Parent Family Support, Feeding the Poor, Helping Holocaust Survivors, Men’s and Women’s Meetings, Support for soldiers serving in the Israeli army, Community Volunteering and more.

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