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Messianics in Turmoil as Anti-Missionaries Dig Up Dirt

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The leadership of Messianic Jewish congregations across Israel are in an turmoil over recent revelations published in Yad L’achim’s new anti-Messianic glossy magazine.

With so many young Jewish Israelis coming to faith in recent years, Yad L’achim could hold back no longer. Compelled to save Jewish souls, they have mass mailed evidence of scandalous activities plaguing Israel’s Messianic movement.

Exposed! Messianic Jews in Cahoots with Christians

Yad L'achim has now proven beyond doubt that there is, in their words, “a strong connection between Messianic Jews and Christian Churches!” A result of years of intensive undercover investigative work (with some help from Google), Yad L’achim has published a website revealing that “some Messianic leaders receive financial support from oversees Christian organizations!”

Such collusion with Christians surely spells doom for the Messianic Jewish movement as we know it. No self-respecting Jewish organization would dare receive support from Christians. Messianic Jews receiving money from Churches clearly excludes them from the Tribe. For Heaven’s Sake, Orthodox Jewish charities would never be caught cavorting with Christian money?!

Revealed: Messianics Enjoying Sin!

In yet another devastating blow, Yad L’achim has reported that young Jewish boys and girls are lining up to join Messianic congregations because “the New Testament gives you the freedom to do whatever sin you want,” says Ronen Shalom a Yad L’achim convert.

Shalom recently converted to Orthodox Judaism after becoming a devout Buddhist, then a Yogainstructor, a Tai Chi until finally settling into years as a sinful freedom loving Messianic Jew. Shalom himself admits that even he eventually got tired of the “sin freedom allows” in the Messianic movement. Thank G-d, the poor seeking soul is now back on track “enjoying every minute” adhering to the 613 commandments as well as the thousands of rabbinic laws added to the Torah, he says.

Shalom and his friends also report being “much happier now that they are back home in the Orthodox religious camp” without all the sin and corruption.

Spotlight: Messianic Leaders Pokes Fun

The swanky new Yad L’achim glossy Hebrew magazine has also revealed that Messianic Jews tell anti-Semitic jokes. Clear proof was seen as a student of Yad L’achim’s reprogramming program said that he heard a Messianic leader tell a joke about how some Orthodox Jews spend hours inspecting the Succoth Etrog with a magnifying glass to insure it is kosher. Overcome with horror that anyone would poke fun at the Orthodox for being too strict in keeping the rabbinic traditions, the student became depressed had to leave the Messianic faith. And that is NO joke!

Messianic Jews in Turmoil

In their scathing report, Yad L’achim has also provided irrefutable evidence that some Messianics do not agree with each other. In fact, they have in their hands actual Messianic newsletters taken from the world wide web showing that certain Messianic Jews in Jerusalem are in disagreement with other Messianics over theological issues. If proven true it appears that Messianics are arguing!

One can certainly appreciate how such arguments make it impossible for a real Jew to join the Messianic movement. Although, don’t they say that when two Jews get together to talk about anything that you get three different opinions? Could it be that Jews who believe in Yeshua still arguing are still Jews (by virtue of their argumentativeness)? That is a question still being argued. At least the ex-Messianics can now rest peacefully back in Orthodox Judaism without all the divisions, conflicts, mean-spiritedness or arguments.

Note: Yad L’achim’s strategy to put off young Jewish seekers from the “temptation to follow Jesus” by exposing the dirty laundry of his disciples should not be considered Chutzpah. Religious authorities way back in the New Testament times also liked to spread stories about the Messianic Jews (see Acts 6:10-15 if you dare).
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