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From Sudan to Zion

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A new book written by Judy Galblum Pex, a Messianic Jewish girl from Eilat, has broken into the mainstream Israeli publishing market. This is the first time that an unashamedly Messianic publication is being sold in major Israeli book store chains across the country. Published in both Hebrew and English, "From Sudan to Zion" tells the courageous tale of flight by Sudanese Christians from Muslim terror, scrambling through Islamic controlled North African deserts and finally finding refuge in Israel.

This dramatic account of Israeli Messianic Jews caring for African Christians on the run from radical Islamic violence in Sudan is a story that has caught the attention of Israeli publishers.

Setting the stage for this improbable twist of events in modern Jewish history, author of her latest book Pex writes:
People from over one hundred nations intermingle in Israel. Besides Jews from Kazakhstan and Kansa, Burma and Belgrade, Calcutta, Congo and places in between, over a million tourists every year add to the mosaic. Include in the mixture two hundred thousand legal and illegal workers from countries such as China, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal and Ghana, and it’s clear that the average Israeli is used to seeing faces of all colors and shapes. In 2007, however, a new group appeared… whose appearance was unlike any other till this time… men, women and children and babies… who were exceptionally black and strikingly tall.

Isaac, one of the Sudanese refuges who managed to escape the violence explains why Christians are fleeing to Israel. “In South Sudan, we are mostly Christians,” he says. “The fanatical Muslims who hate Israel are killing our people. We escaped from Egypt as the Children of Israel fled from Pharaoh and his army.”

Author Pex and her husband John have been assisting the Christian refugees in Israel since 2007. From her personal experiences and interviews with the refugees author Pex relates fascinating stories in the book, like that of Gabriel, a Christian trying to flee Sudan across Egypt and reach the Promised Land.

Our Bedouin guide encouraged us, says Gabriel, ‘Be strong and calm. Your only problem is here on the Egyptian side. If you reach Israel you will be okay. The Israeli soldiers will help you. They’ll treat you with respect. Maybe then you life will be okay. We can’t go with you to the fence, because when they see us (Muslim Bedouins) they’ll shoot. Don’t turn around. Always go forward. Because if you turn your back, you’ll lose your way and might get shot.’ And with that the Bedouins left us.

The fence was still about 700-800 meters away. And the Egyptian soldiers were in between. I told my friend that w should hide ourselves. ‘We’ll creep along the ground until we reach the fence.
It was hard work. We were both afraid, but my friend was petrified. When we came near the fence the Egyptian police saw us. The Bedouins told us, ‘If they see you just run.’ My friend bolted… they could tell we were Sudanese… My friend was caught… crying… they kept beating him… I took a chance – and jumped over the fence. I fell on the Israeli side where I lay unconscious.

When I awoke, the sun bright. I went to the road and waited until I was found by Israeli soldiers. They took me to their camp. They asked a lot of questions, but didn’t make me feel like I was their enemy, though Sudan has no diplomatic relations with Israel. They understood.

The soldiers gave me and other refugees food. A doctor examined us, cleaning the wounds of one Darfurianrefugee and giving him medicine.

The title of the book in English is “A People Tall and Smooth: Stories of Escape from Sudan to Israel.” An award winning author had this to say about Pex’s newest publication:
For the first time, Judy Pex breaks the silence, unfolding the perilous journey of Sudanese refugees that fled Egypt only to find continued hardships and persecution, which ultimately led them to make the dangerous choice of illegally crossing the Egyptian border in search of a better life in Israel. For many, it was a choice that came at a tremendous cost: imprisonment, separation from their children and spouse, brutal beatings and death. It’s a story of resilience, determination and the choice for freedom – at all cost.

Even more unforeseeable is the compassion and care these destitute Christians are finding at the hands of Messianic Jews in Israel. Their story of faith and the hope of redemption for the destitute and the “strangers and foreigners” promises to touch the hearts of many in Israel.

This publication is a major breakthrough for the Messianic community in Israel. You can greatly increase the efforts being made to market Messianic literature in bookstores around Israel by purchasing copies of the book. The greater the demand for the book grows the more the Israeli publishing houses will want to publish and sell the book in their stores. “A People Tall and Smooth: Stories of Escape from Sudan to Israel” is available on Amazon. We know you will love it. Why not purchase a few copies? It is a great way to share with your friends and tell them about the wonderful things God is doing in Israel today.
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