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On Current Events in the Mideast

As far as I know the kind of fundamental Islam stirring up the Mideast is the only religion known to mankind that finds honor in killing innocent people. Most of the world’s religions teach kindness, love and respect for humanity.  Faith in God helps people find ways of making the world a better place to live. Religion often helps people cope with suffering or loss. No religion I am aware of teaches that it is honorable to sacrifice themselves in order to take vengeance on innocent people. Only radical Islam. 

I hear some people and even governments saying, “We need to understand their  grievances. If we would only listen to them and make life better for them there would be less terror in the world.”

Are these terrorists the only ones with grievances? In the last century alone, we have endured two world wars, civil wars, Hiroshima, massacres, pogroms and a holocaust. Is there any other religion in the world that teaches its people to continue taking revenge by killing innocent people?  Did you ever see a survivor of the holocaust or of Hiroshima blow up a hospital, a school or murder an ambassador?

There is no grievance, suffering or pain that can justify killing innocent people. None. Never.

Western civilization cannot afford not to confront this devious justification of murder propagated by radical Muslims. This is exactly the battle we have fought here in Israel for over 60 years. The West needs to wake up and recognize that this is nothing but manifest evil.

Radical Islam is a philosophy that is at war with the basic principles of human civilization and in absolute contradiction to all that is dear to the sanctity of life held by all peoples of the world. There is no logic or purpose that makes sense of it. It is a kill, kill philosophy. Nobody wins. With such an ideology there can be no other response than shock and resistance. Those who support them from Pakistan to Russia are also responsible for their deeds.

This ideology did not die with Bin Laden. There are thousands of nameless Islamic religious leaders in Gaza and around the world that continue to teach the same ideas that sent his 9/11 shaheeds (martyr in Arabic) to destruction. Week after week, year after year we hear about the hundreds and thousands murdered, mutilated and maimed in the name this perverse ideology.

To fight we must understand that Islamic jihad is an ideology, and ideas cannot be fought with guns alone. As the current events in the Mideast,  as well Israel’s fifty-year long battle with Palestinian terror have shown, this ideology cannot be beaten by force alone. That is why it is crucial that all political parties and governments from the civilized nations must stand together. There must be one clear clarion call that we will not tolerate this evil.

To those who are finding fault with the American government and trying to find someone or some policy to blame, you are wasting your time. Radical Islamic jihad is to blame. Full stop. That can be the only answer. Ever. And only when we stand together with that message do we have a fighting chance.
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