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To my dear American friends feeling the need to blame Obama...beware

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To all my dear friends feeling the need to blame President Obama for the recent Mideast violence. Beware.  This is a dangerous tactic that will undermine your own nation and does nothing to prevent further violence.

Muslim violence is not going away any time soon. It is not a Democratic, Republican or even American problem.  Islamic radicals kill and maim senselessly in practically every nation around the world.

Consider this. Blaming your own nation’s leaders unintentionally justifies the terrorists. It puts the blame on someone else.

Did you ever consider why no one wanted to put the blame on President Bush’s policies for what happened on 9/11?  It is because the culprit is not a president or a policy. It is because when your nation is attacked you unite against the enemy, you don’t blame each other.

It is because neither Republicans nor Democrats can prevent Islamic violence. Blaming your own government only divides you against the enemy. Using the murder of an American Ambassador by radical, hate filled Muslims to get your candidate elected harms your own cause.

As an Israeli who has lived through more war and terror than I care to recall I plead with you to stop blaming your own people and stand united against the real enemy.

Evil will not succeed in the end of the day. Radical Muslims are only digging a deeper grave for themselves. People or nations committed to hatred, destruction, violence and lies do not have a future. They build nothing, only tear down. You need to be strong and confident in faith in what is good. You need  courage to fight your enemies, not your own people.

I remember hearing similar criticism of my own government just before Rabin was assassinated. I understand your frustrations with Obama and your passion for the right vote in the upcoming elections. For this I commend you. We pray for you. God willing one day you may get some reprieve from this modern day global pestilence, but what you cannot get away from is learning to live with one another.

During these Days of Awe search your hearts and beware of the enemy within. For in the long run it is a far more lethal danger.
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  • Comment Link Sister Mooo Thursday, 27 September 2012 07:08 posted by Sister Mooo

    My concern is if Obama gets reelected. This scares me to my core. He has no backbone dealing with the terrorists. He is no friend to Israel. You are right.... our nation is divided right now.... 1/2 and 1/2.... ..... For Such A Time As This......

  • Comment Link Donna Diorio, Thursday, 20 September 2012 15:52 posted by Donna Diorio,

    No, David, I'm not spinning conspiracy theories, just following the news very closely and have been for quite a while. What I was saying that being in Israel it is quite likely that you are not following the issues here as closely, as say, an American is. You know, the same thing you Israelis get irritated about when those outside the country wade into your politics.

    As for the rest, it isn't complicated, I just follow counterterrorism news fairly closely ...more closely than most. So things I have been watching develop for several months - like the efforts of Egyptians to secure the release of the Blind Sheik and the admission in the past 24 hours that it was the issue that caused the attack on the embassy in Egypt are not leaps of faith for me, but a matter of news I've already been watching. I'm informed, not given to conspiracy theorizing.

    The counterterrorism experts I was referring to are
    ANDREW C. MCCARTHY, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney (Prosecutor of the Blind Sheik); Senior Fellow, National Review Institute;Contributing Editor, National Review
    PATRICK POOLE, Consultant to the military and law enforcement on anti-terrorism issues
    JOSEPH E. SCHMITZ, former Inspector General, Department of Defense
    STEPHEN C. COUGHLIN, ESQ., Major (Res.) USA, former Senior Consultant, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    I was arguing that you have not been following the U.S. news as closely as we do in America.

  • Comment Link David Lazarus Thursday, 20 September 2012 11:02 posted by David Lazarus

    Donna, it is difficult to comment intelligently on blind Sheiks, Egyptian embassy conspiracies and unnamed counterterrorism expert opinions. Sounds complicated. You "blame Obama for what Islamists think" as though you knew what they think. And you argue that I don't understand because I am not as aware of the issues as you. These are divisive patterns of thinking that invalidate others without reason. My caution stands.

  • Comment Link Donna Diorio, Thursday, 20 September 2012 10:04 posted by Donna Diorio,

    Unfortunately, David, Obama is to blame for appeasement policies regarding Islam. More dangerous to the USA than the division that exists is not telling the truth about how harmful Obama's policies are proving to be.

    Maybe you do not understand because you are not following the developments here closely, but for those of us who are it is clear that Obama's policies are dangerously naive.

    Bush was not blamed for 9/11 because he was not to blame. But the attack on the Egyptian embassy is about further pressure for Obama to release the Blind Sheik who was the spiritual thumbs up for the first WTC bombing.

    Our counterterrorism experts believe that Obama intends to release the Blind Sheik after the election - whether Obama is re-elected or not.

    There are so many reasons why Obama's weakness, naivete and hubris are to blame for the increase of what Islamists think they can get away with inflicting on the U.S.

    I agree with you that Islamists are going to attack us anyway, but I still believe in the "Peace through Strength" concept and Obama does not. That has caused incredible harm to us, for his actions and inactions have convinced Islamists that the U.S. is weak and does not have the will to fight back.

    Our leadership does have an impact on the war against Islamits. Obama must go for national security reasons alone but there are plenty of other reasons he stands at odds with godly Americans.

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