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Red Lines, White Houses and the Neighborhood Blues

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Dad always said that you need to stand up to a bully. “Bullies don’t back off until they taste your fist in their mouth,” he said.

The other day our neighborhood bully came walking down the street just past my house. From a mile away I could see that he was looking for trouble. And he was headed for me. I decided I’d try Dad’s advice and stand up to him this time. “You come any closer and I’ll punch you in the nose,” I shouted from across the street. “Ha,” he shouted back, “I’ll take you apart you little squirt.”

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to stand up to this jerk, but was it worth taking a beating?

That’s when I noticed my uncle looking on.  Now Sam is huge. He’s like 6 foot 5 and works out a lot. He’s got huge muscles and though he walks and talks like a nice guy he can be pretty intimidating. If he wants to. “Moshe,” he shouts down to me, “is that guy giving you a hard time?” I explained to him how the neighborhood bully was threatening to come over and punch me out. I told him that Dad said I needed to stand up to bullies. “Maybe I should walk across the street and show him I’m not afraid,” I told my uncle.

“Let’s just see what he does first,” Sam said. “If he walks across the street and throws a punch I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you,” he said.  “Gee that’s really nice Uncle,” I said, “but I’m sick and tired of this guy bullying me all the time. Who knows when he might come after me again? I even heard that he’s working out and only getting stronger,” I told him.

So back and forth we stood there arguing with one another on our side of the street. We argued so long it got dark. So dark that we could no longer see each other anymore. Nor could we see that the neighborhood bully was watching. We could only hear him snickering in the dark.
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