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Let Your Little Light Shine

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The little wax candle was becoming impatient waiting in the drawer all year since last Hanuka. He was waiting for his turn, but now that it was already the seventh day hope was all but gone. The family had bought a shiny new menorah with oil lamps.
Suddenly he heard the drawer open and his hopes rose again. However, the children were not looking for a Hanukah candle tonight as they sang, “Sivivon, sov sov sov Hanukah hu hag tov….” They were looking for the Dradel.

The little candle thought to himself, “I wish I were a Sivivon and not a candle.” So he made a Hanukah wish, "God make me a Sivivon please.”
When the youngest child opened the drawer to look for a Sivivon everyone told him that they were already gone. But now that the candle had turned into a Sivivon the little child shouted, “Look, there is a Sivivon for me after all!”
As the children played they began to win Hanuka Gelt coins and wanted to run out and buy candies with their money. The little Sivivon that was a candle said to himself, “I made a mistake. I should have asked to be a coin and not a Sivivon.” So he said, “God make me a Hanuka wish and make me a coin, not a Sivivon.”
The littlest child looked down and there was a shiny new coin on the floor. “O, look, there is also a Hanuka Gelt for me!”
As the children ran to go out the door to buy some candy they smelt something wonderful coming from the kitchen. What can that be?
Putting their coins into their pockets they ran into the kitchen and there was a pile of fresh Sufganeot. The coin in the child’s pocket that once was a Sivivon that was a candle said to himself  “I made a mistake. Everybody loves the Sufganeot. I should have asked to be a Sufganea.” Suddenly, there on top of the pile was a fresh Sufganea with all the jelly coming out.
As the children reached out to take one the mother said, “No, no we must first light the Hanukah candles. Come over here.”
So they left the kitchen and went with the mother to the salon and sat down in front of the Hanukia as mother told them the story of Hanukah.
She told of how the King Antiochus commanded the Jews not to pray to God anymore or keep the Shabbat or circumcise their sons the eighth day. How he went into the Temple and put out the Menorah light and put an idol in there.
How Judah Macabee stood up to him and fought the Greeks and won the temple back so the people could pray again.
That there was no oil for the light in the temple and when they were just about out of hope they found a little oil, maybe enough for one day. Yet when they lit it the Menorah burned for eight days, enough time to make more oil.
She told them that we light these Hanukah lamps now to show that we remember the miracle—the miracle that let us be who we are.
Then the mother said the blessing and lit a match to light the new oil menorah.“O it’s hard to get the match down into the oil,” she said. “I burnt my finger. I need a candle to be able to light this Hanukia.  I need a Shamash, a servant candle.”
She looked in the drawer. “Strange, I thought there was one Hanukah candle leftin the drawer.”

Then the Sufgania, the one that had been the coin, that had been the Sivivon, that had been the Hanukah candle said, “O, I made a mistake. All my wishes were wrong. O God please turn me back into a Hanuka candle”
Then the youngest child said, “Hey look! I found the Hanukah candle. What’s it doing here on top of the Sufganeot!”
That night the little candle was lit and spread its light to all eight Hanukah lights which lit up and warmed the whole family.
The Shamash can spread its light in darkness if we can just be who we are meant to be. That's the real light that really makes us shine.
Adapted from an ancient Hanukah story.
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