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A nation, a people, a family

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What a day in Israel. The entire nation is weeping with joy as we watch a brave young soldier embrace his father after five years in captivity. Our hearts are jumping as this skinny kid from a small village in the North salutes our Prime Minister, Chief of Staff and heads back home for the holidays.
What kind of a people releases a thousand murders just to get back one young boy? What nation willingly risks the very real danger of a thousand killers attacking again so that one young kid can return to his parents?
Where is the logic in all of this?
This is not logical, this is Israel. Gilad is all of our sons and daughters. We are a nation family where everyone of us is a soldier, has a soldier. We have embraced Gilad because we are all Gilad Shalit.
Gilad is why our kids are willing to fight for this country. They know deep down that they belong to a nation family that will risk its life to save every son and daughter. Our children understand that ten thousand terrorists cannot take away our love for them. When our kids go into the battle they are not fighting for ideals or patriotism or politics. They are fighting for their families, their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Thank God that our children have experienced the solidarity of the Jewish nation that has survived for over 5000 years. Am Yisrael Chai is not just a song it is a reality that cannot be changed.
The bold decision to put at risk an entire nation for the sake of just one soldier is what it means to be a Jew and an Israeli. Let Hamas and the radical Muslims sing and dance in the streets as their murdersreturn, they are only pounding a hole deeper into their fearful, dark and hellish existence. They are falling even deeper into madness.
Let us rejoice in this that God has not allowed us to become like our enemies. By this act of overcoming vengeance and fear we have once again chosen to sanctify life, our families and the hearts of our children who cry out for love and meaning in a desperate and cold world.
God bless Israel.
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