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"I'm a Single Mom, What's Your Super Power?"

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Moms and Marriages 
Being a single parent mother in Israel is difficult. Normally both parents must work to make ends meet. A single parent mom works twice as hard and there is very little time for the kids. Tensions buiild up, anxiety and fear abound and relationships within the family are often strained. Often children blame the hard working mother for not being there for them or even for the loss of the father.
Here's how two mom's lives were changed by God's love and then about a marriage restored.
"I was angry and frustrated. I love my daughter but I just couldn't get close to her. It was like there was a wall between us. I always got angry and blamed her. During the seminar I began to see things inside myself that I didn't know were there. I was angry at my situation. I was frustrated with all the responsibilities and burdens I carry. As I opened my heart to God's love and let him touch the painful areas in my life he released me from so much anxiety. I felt free, peaceful. I stopped blaming my daughter and asked God to help us. God healed the relationship with my daughter. Things inside of me needed to change and this opened up a whole new dimension to my relationship with her."
"I had no idea that these things were in my life. There were walls that I had built up keeping me distant from family and friends. God helped me break down these walls of my heart that were keeping me locked up in loneliness, isolation and fear. I always had the feeling that everyone was rejecting me, even my own family. I couldn't relate to my family and friends and just keep to myself. Now that God's love touched my heart I am able to relate to people in a whole new way. I am not afraid anymore and I am now able to share love and friendship with my family. God is so good! I can't even describe the wonderful things he has done in my life." 
"I have been married for 12 years, but it's been a rough time. This is my second marriage and I guess I brought a lot of hurts to the relationship that I was not aware of. I love my wife but we always argue and there wasn't the real warmth and intimacy that we had when we first met. We had really grown distant and both of us made some bad choices. I had given up hope that our relationship would ever be satisfying.
During the seminar we both saw the deep hurts and unforgiveness we were holding. I saw how insensitive I had become to my wife. I had become harsh and cold not wanting to recognize the hurts and pain that it was causing her. When I opened my heart to let God's love touch me I was able to release all of these negative feelings. I started to show compassion and concern for my wife. God even gave me patience! It has been so wonderful. Now we enjoy one another just like when we first met. I love to be with my wife now. Next week we are going to renew our covenant relationship in a special ceremony at Beit Immanuel. I am so happy. I feel like God has given me my life back and I am looking forward to everyday with my wife and children."
He loves you too!
I hope you have enjoyed these brief stories of God's love changing lives. We are so encouraged by what the Lord is doing in our midst. It is affecting all of us! May you also be filled with His joy and your hearts full of the love that is beyond what we can even imagine.
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